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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What documents will be available to me?

    There will be many documents available to you, including: documents from inpatient stays at a St. Luke’s hospital, office visit summaries from St. Luke’s Physician Group offices, lab results, radiology results and other medical documents.

  2. How do I get access?

    For your protection, medical documents are only linked to your account once your identity has been validated either in person or online. If your doctor is not currently participating, you can click here to Sign Up, or contact us at (484) 526-8893. For more information, please see our Getting Started section.

  3. Who is able to see my records?

    Only the patient is able to see their medical documents in the Personal Health Record, unless the patient chooses to share their record with a family member, caregiver or loved one. For more information on sharing records, please see our Sharing section.

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