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About Us

eVantage Health is a health information service provider that centralizes medical information and makes it easier for patients and providers to access health care records and communicate.

eVantage Health was developed to connect as many providers and patients as possible with relevant and real time clinical information to help improve healthcare outcomes. Our vision is to create a connected community of care to enhance the wellbeing of patients in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. Access to clinical information is crucial for both patients and providers. eVantage Health believes that electronic access to health information will lead to a better health care system and will create efficiencies for both patients and providers.

Currently there are 6 Hospitals, 15 Radiology sites, 33 Laboratory sites, and 200 Physician Practices connected to eVantage Health.

For information on who is connected now or how to connect with eVantage Health, please click on the Providers arrow on our homepage.

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