About Us

Learn about eVantageHealth

eVantageHealth, LLC, powered by St. Luke's University Health Network, is a Health Information Exchange (HIE) focused on centralizing medical information enabling easier access for patients and health care providers. eVantageHealth was developed to connect as many providers and patients as possible with relevant and real time clinical information to help improve healthcare outcomes.

Our vision is to create a connected community of care to enhance the wellbeing of patients. Access to medical information is crucial for both patients and providers. eVantageHealth believes that electronic access to health information will lead to a better health care system and will create efficiencies for both patients and providers.

eVantageHealth offers a secure Personal Health Record (PHR), empowering patients to connect to their personal health information. For more information about eVantageHealth’s PHR, please see our Patients section.

eVantageHealth is not limited to St. Luke's patients. There are many Participating Providers throughout the eastern Pennsylvania area and western New Jersey area as well. For more information about our Participating Providers, please see our Providers section.

We are proud to open the doors to our always open online office and we hope that you will enjoy these new services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments; our Support team can be reached at (484) 526-8893 or via email to Support@eVantageHealth.com.